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Re: Failed 1 hour glucose

Originally Posted by vmomma View Post
I had GD with my recent pregnancy. My 1 hour number was in the 170's, I think. I also failed 2 out of the 3 portions of the 3 hour test. My diabetes educator told me that they now diagnose GD by only failing 1 of the 4 values instead of 2? I'm not so sure how wide spread this is yet, but if that's the case, why even do a 3 hour! If you can't pass the 1 hour with a 50 gram load, you surely won't pass it with a 75 gram load.

I was not very strict with my diet and baby was only 7#8 oz's and my sugars were pretty stable, so no big deal.

Good luck!
That was really my thought process, though ours is 100g gram. SO I'm like obviously I will fail the first hour no doubt, and it seems the second hour can't be too hard to fail.
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