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Re: Tennessee Moms 2!

Well hey yall!
I was actually in Memphis today, which just fyi is over an hour drive for me, and I did something stupid. I put my baby girl in a disposable today thinking it would be easier for the outing, plus my mom was with me and she's more of a fan of sposies and would be helping me. Poor baby broke out in a horrible allergic rash. I had no idea she'd break out like that! She's done fine with the few times she's worn Comforts Touch of Nature, but apparently there's something in Huggies that does NOT agree with my DD's skin. I would've loved to have known a place nearby (Wolfchase or Germantown area) that sells cloth, but what we ended up doing was stopping by Target and getting the Gerber prefolds and pull-on cover. She was much more comfy after that even without the prefolds being washed.
Lesson learned! I'm never leaving the house without cloth EVER again.

On a positive note, my mom is a 100% cloth convert now and insists that I keep her in cloth even when she's babysitting.
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