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Funny story for you about my parents bus-phobia

My sister and I really really really wanted to ride the bus for some reason. I think I was in 4thgrade and my sis would have been in 2nd? Anyways we finally convinced my parents to let us ride the bus home from school one day, awesome! I'm sure we had a great time on our bus adventure but honestly the only thing I remember is finding out my dad took a half day at work so that he could follow the bus home and make sure we were ok while my mom met us at the bus stop this was the only time we were allowed to ride the bus minus a few field trips which for some reason were ok but coming home on the bus was not ps we lived less than 3 miles from the school

Personally if we end up sending dd to public school she will NOT ride the bus unless for some reason she begs to ride the bus and dh can take a day off hehe
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