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Re: Did I tell you all I'm teaching CDing in Chicago?....

I hope once people see them in person all the negative preconceived ideas of CD will be gone and they will be as addicted to how much fun it can be to CD a baby! Then when they hear the environmental facts and health risks they will be on board. I am really excited to contine converting people. I need to start a book and have those I have converted write a page in it. That way it will keep growing and new people can read it. I have converted quite a few Mamas! Unfortunately there have been many more Mamas that have said they could NeVeR do it, and are amazed I can.... UGH!

Originally Posted by Laniemel
It would be great if more places could have those classes. Before I started, I thought that it was still just prefolds and pins. (Nothing against them) I saw a mommy on another board, not a cd board, and she was talking about aio's and put some pics up. That's what got me started. Information is power, and I bet a lot of parents would cd if they knew how easy it is now.
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