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Re: What to use as mosquito repellant for dd and DS

I love the California Baby repellant. Usually citronella based sprays don't work for me (I'm like a mosquito magnet), but this works extraordinarily well, and I feel comfortable using it on DS. I also place citronella plants around my patio, and rub up against them to get the oils on me.... I rub leaves on DS, also.

I've not had luck with peppermint oil, thought is IS a good ant repellant. Garlic can work, so I hear, but it also repels friends & family, lol...

Seriously, the California baby is expensive but lasts a long time and smells nice, DEET free.

Also, do try citronella plants--it's safer for you than burning the candles & inhaling the fumes, and I think works better. Plus, you have the added advantage of being able to rub the leaves all over you & your kids--which is a natural repellant. For that matter, plant geraniums and lemongrass and rub those on you, as well!
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