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Re: Breaks from parenting

Originally Posted by lemurkinsmommy View Post
We do this once a month, the kiddos go see their grandparents and we take a couple days just to us. It helps me out to recharge and also helps mine and DH's relationship out. Its not wrong to want a break from being a mom 24/7. Maybe look at getting a babysitter and having a date night once in awhile.
I can't wait until we move and this is an option we don't have family near by.

Originally Posted by Computermama View Post
Absolutely not! I'm a better mommy when I can come back from having taken some time where I can turn off the mommy ears. The stress of being on call 24/7 sneaks up on you, it really does. Being able to turn the kids over to someone else that you trust for even just a few hours a week makes all the difference - I appreciate my kids more, I feel more motivated to do fun things with them. The best thing I did was take a job that was 8 hours a week, one sunday shift. It was an easy job that I actually spent much of my time reading, so for the most part I could relax, get some reading done, make some money, and just get some time mostly to myself.
I started working from home with direct sales so I could try and get out more and well that's not working. well it is and it isn't LOL
Originally Posted by Rdesonia View Post
Ask a grandparent to take the kiddos for a week! Nothing wrong with wanting alone time. Or see if you can find someone for a "date night" every 2 weeks.
We are trying to get to date nights more and our neighbor will watch the kids but no family. another thing we work around is dh work schedual right now it's 1am-9am so it makes things hard too
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