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Re: Homebirth mama's check in?

How many births have you had? 2 c-sections. My son was born via a scheduled cesarean February 2008 due to his large size. Naive me assumed the dr had our best interest at heart and if he was highly recommending a c-section there must have been a valid reason for it. Oh if I knew then what I know now. DS was 9 lbs 10 oz at birth but consenting to the section is something I beat myself up over on a regular basis because I know I would have birthed him naturally. I went my entire pregnancy with my daughter planning on a hospital vbac. Dr's were fine with it up until 39 weeks when a specialist told DH and I at an appointment that everyday that the baby was in utero greatly increased the chance of her being born still because I had gestational diabetes (that was well controlled.) He told us it was in my file that he highly recommended scheduling a repeat section and if we choose not to do so, we were going against his medical advice. Scare tactics worked and DD was born 3 days later via a repeat section (although I tried castor oil in the mean time to try to kick start things). I really feel like I cheated myself out of a part of motherhood and I suppose that unless you have felt that being taken away from you, it is probably hard to understand.

How many (if any) were at home? Or, is this your first planned homebirth? This is our first homebirth. After my previous experiences with the local ob/gyn practice, I know that there isn't a chance to even attempt to get a vba2c so I began contacting midwives the day I found out I was pregnant (3.5 weeks). It is such a great feeling to be taking control of the pregnancy and childbirth.
Planning a water birth? Hypnobirth? other comfort methods? planning on a water birth but we will see what happens and where I feel most comfortable during labor.
Midwife? CNM? CPM? UC? Direct Entry Midwife
Doula? other support? No doula but DH will be a great support and my sister and mom will be present to help as needed with the kids.
Vaccine/testing? We will delay vaccines. Routine testing will be done at birth and open to oral vit k if needed.
What homebirth kit/supplies will you use? Here is a LINK to the kit my mw recommends
What diaper will you use first? Will you EC? We have a few Grovia nb and nb pockets but we will mostly use xs covers and infant prefolds until the one size pockets begin to fit.
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