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Re: a non-traditonal family here...

Originally Posted by pine_apple_goat View Post
I am pretty traditional. I'm open to being the "hinge" in the V. I don't think DH would be very open to it though. I think it would be amazing to have that type of relationship. I've been friends with E for a few years and we dated a little, but nothing really got serious. He lives a couple hours away so I don't see him often. Then DH and I got married and had DD and E has been on the back burner. While we still talk from time to time I haven't seen him in at least a year.
It might happen in the future! You never know!

DH was jealous and wouldn't consider being poly or open for a long time. And now, here we all are.

ETA - - I should probably post my own non-traditional family story and pictures of DH & SO. People ask me about it all of the time.
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