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I need Potty strategies for older children

I have a 3 yrs 9month old child in my classroom that has just made the transition from pull ups to underwear. It was very positive a simple "there are no more diapers so we have to wear underwear" strategy.
The child has never actually used the potty but the parents were done with diapers.
The child was thrilled to be wearing underwear and talk happily about how he was bigger now etc. I truly feel the pull ups were detrimental to his self esteem. However the child still does not use the potty.

The language is there, the skills; the cognitive abilities everything but it is not happening. We are using a very relaxed approach that involves no talking about the potty. If he is wet we simple say "let's go change"

The parents do not want this to be a power struggle but they are losing patience and want to just give up which I feel will be worse. This child needs to be moved to the next class developmentally, physically and maturity wise but can't be because of the potty issues.
Anyone been there done that? This child is extremely strong willed if that makes a difference
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