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Re: quick q. re prem baby and insurance co-pays

This is how it worked for my baby:

Since she was in the NICU longer than I was in the hospital, I paid one hospital admission copay for me, and one for her.

Her care was subject to the single person deductible, so I paid that.

Other than that, I was very lucky with my insurance, and paid NOTHING out of pocket except for procedures that were listed as separate copay/insurance in my plan, such as 10% of labs, x-rays, MRIs.

I would contact your insurance company, explain the situation, and ask them what type of coverage you can expect.

Most time if the baby is discharged with you, you only pay one hospital copay. You may or may not have to pay the deductible separate for baby if it's a NICU stay AND they are discharged with you. With DD2 it was all normal no issues, so we only paid for my hospital copay/deductible.

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