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My dd was strong willed about the potty. She didn't care if she wet herself. It was a struggle for several months. I would make her clean up after an accident (clean herself, I cleaned the floor), only because I knew she was just being stubborn. They were preventable accidents

When it was ds's turn, I didn't want to take any chances. When he had an accident, we would "practice" going to the potty 9 times, starting from different rooms of the house. He had to do everything. I'd say "oh! Gotta go potty!!" and we'd (he'd) go to the bathroom, turn on the light, pull down pants, sit on potty, stand, pull on pants, turn off light...9 times! He thought it was fun until about the 7 th time. He was potty trained in one day. It worked bc it taught him how to do it on his own and there was a consequence that was not going to scar him.

The boy needs to be taught what to do. Just acting like nothing happened is not helping, IMO. But whatever is done should be at home, not in front of others.
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