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Re: Let's see your kids' rooms!

Your kids rooms are nicely organized, right now Tharen's looks like a train hit it and poor Kearnan is still waiting for that room make over we promised him. I was going to do it for him recently but then we discovered an under slab leak and our foundation is shifting so we are waiting to see how much is going to need done to see if there will be substantial damage in his room (is looking less likely at this point, looks like there are already piers under the kids' bedrooms). So poor Kearnan's room is really depressing looking right now.

Here is Tharen's room anyway

Tharen's new bed, he is very excited about it and decorated it himself with the pink butterflies. Our tattoo artist did the painting for him. His room is this crazy mix of Halloween and Hello Kitty. He still has some Hello Kitty pictures that need to go up.

The Halloween curtains and more decorations plus the art work display.

Toy storage and hats on the back of the door

book case, I actually just redid this and it looks different now. Also the growth chart on the wall.

Closet and more toys

more of the room
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