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Re: August 2011 - May chat

Hi August mamas,

Life is crazy keeping up with my cruising 9 month old =) No walking alone, but there is a definite preference for being upright. He belly-crawls to furniture, pulls up and walks, then when he reaches the end, bellycrawls until he finds the next piece to pull up on

I have a pretty awesome part-time job, and it probably will keep going into the next year. DS goes to a nursery for 3 days a week (half-days) and I'm starting to consider putting him in for either 3 whole days or 5 half days. I have mommy guilt even though he LOVES his daycare. I spy on him for a few minutes after I leave through the window and he is just laughing and playing and he hugs the nursery assistants when he sees them. He also gets really excited whenever he sees other babies. Its sad when I drop him off because he usually looks at the other babies and toys without looking back at me, but at least when I go pick him up he reaches for me. I guess when he's awake and fresh he's ready to play and when I pick him up, he is tired and ready to go home.

I need more time during the week to work, but I just don't want to get to the point where he spends more time away from me than with me during the week. And yet I have an awesome job that I want to keep doing, and if I stop doing it, I will have a harder time going back later since I need to stay in it to be current.
DS born 8-15-2011!
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