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Re: August 2011 - May chat

Britt--I Know right!? I love how everyone always asks if we are military when we move and change things like car ins and so on. They can see our past living places and like clock work they go "wow are you military?" It makes me laugh and I just say no we are proffesional movers.

Dh goes up to NY on Tuesday for the day and will be home the same night. So we will know more then.

But I do think we will start packing this weekend and finish staining our deck--translation--DH will make sure all of his "important"things like baseball bats, gloves, sneakers, and binders are packed and I will probably be out back staining the deck.

Dh has a TON of sneakers...He gets them for free, has a ton of them and they are in prestine condition. But I am really sick of the sneakers getting the royal treatment. My family laughs about it bc that is EXACTLY how I was before we got together and I just faded my sneaker addiction bc I saw what it looked like.

I guess it could be worse his obsessions could be something besides sneakers, baseball bats, and baseball gloves. Though I am tire of bring those things minus the sneakers on every family vacation

I guess that is what you get when you marry a former pro baseball player

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