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Re: When did you wean off of Nutramigen/Alimentum?

Originally Posted by AcrossTheUniverse View Post
Just wanted to update that Elias has now been off Nutramigen for 2 months and is doing great. We went from Nutramigen to Similac Sensitive and then to Enfamil Premium Lipil. He's been on the Lipil for a good 6 weeks and hasn't had any issues. Even his eczema cleared up. He was 8 months old when we switched and had been on Nutramigen for 4 months. He is 10.5 months old now.
so its been a year since this thread was used but since i found it thru a google search and am a new member here, it wont let me private message you to ask...
how did the transition from formula to milk(if you did) go? any relapses with stomach or eczema? i'm just now thinking of transitioning my 6 month old who isnt on meds for reflux anymore(chiropractic was the fix there. 2 weeks and no meds necessary! literally, a Godsend!) but is on Nutramigen so i am curious. I'm also curiuos because Nutramigen has probiotics and they, along with Omega 3's are what has "cured" my 3 year old's eczema (the up-during-the-night-bleeding-&-crying kind) so i'm hesitant but would really like to not have the stinky, expensive Nutramigen around anymore I have FloraBaby on hand for more probiotics if the need arises though.

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