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Re: Let's see your kids' rooms!

Originally Posted by iris0110 View Post
I am like that with every other room in the house (we have a no toys outside of the bedrooms rule for my sanity) but dh said I had to let the boys have their rooms as a reprieve from my "eccentricities". So while I go through once every few months and weed out clothes and infrequently used toys I pretty much allow them to decorate however they want and keep what they want in there (within reason of course). They have to keep it "clean" but what dh and the boys consider clean and what I consider clean are obviously very different things. Just knowing that mess is back there makes me a little twitchy but other people come in and tell me how nice and organized my house is. I know I need to just let go and embrace life. Maybe someday I will.
This is me exactly, lol. I keep telling Dd1 if she just puts her clothes away when she takes them off and puts her things away when she is done then it will stay neat and clean. She asked me why she has to have it clean to my way. I totally agree with her, but I told her that I have to come in and out so she needs to meet me in the middle. It only needs to be picked up when the house is cleaned.
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