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Re: Planet or Ecos Detergent?

Originally Posted by TooBusyBearcubs View Post
Its ok to post this here, mama. You'll probably still get some responses either way, but you may get more of them under Diaper Chatter - Q&A.

I have used both of these - Planet Liquid 2X for about 6 months, and Ecos currently. I thought the Planet was doing a good job, until we started using the Ecos. They both work ok, but I think Ecos ha s slight advantage in both effectiveness and price. With both detergents, I have found that if I have a SUPER stinky dipe, or some of DH's running (sweaty) shirts, I may have to run those particular items through an extra wash. You'll need to pre-treat stains with a little detergent to make sure they come out. But, for the most part, I prefer Ecos.
I called the company for some samples, and they stuck some coupons in there. Also, you can usually find Ecos at a better price. had the big bottle for $7.99 a couple of weeks ago!
A lot of families just use original Tide with great results, and we used Arm & Hammer F&C for a while, and it was fine, too.

Good to know, I will post this over there as well, thanks!

So all in all, I should prob use Ecos? I have moderately hard water, so I have to keep that in mind... Also, when I was CD my DD, I would rinse out her poopy diapers. Most of the time, I left her pee diapers as is, and just tossed them in the pail. But the poopy ones got a good rinsing right away, and we never had stink issues. lol For the next babe, I plan to use flats, prefolds and fitteds, so washing will be MUCH easier. I can't do pockets or AIO's, because pockets didn't fit DD - they always drooped; and AIOs are my enemy with washing. lol

Also, can I use ANY Ecos, or does it have to be the F&C one?
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