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Re: I've NEVER had this problem with my other kids!

Originally Posted by kilahree View Post
Our 2nd is a mover, too! I finally just put the mattress on the floor and stuck the bed frame and box springs in the garage. Now if he does fall, it might scare him, but I know he won't be hurt.

After the first few months of co-sleeping (right around 8-9mos, maybe?), DS started to move all the time.
We ended up dragging the guest room mattress into our room and putting it on the floor between our bed and the wall. We made sure it was in a corner, so two sides of the mattress were blocked, and a third side was against our bedframe, so he had very few places to roll off, and even if he did, it wasn't enough of a drop for him to get hurt. Actually, we have since learned that floor-level mattress placement, instead of using a crib, is a pretty common practice in families who practice Montessori childrearing. So, there are apparently a lot more families that do that than most of us realize. Kind of cool, IMO.
Anyway, it worked like a charm, and when we were ready for him to move into his own room, it made it that much easier because, even though it was in another room, his bed was still his bed.
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