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I often think that the new shootings are due to a growing sense of entitlement. They don't like things as they are, therefore they tantrum with guns.

Where does the sense of entitlement come from? I'm not sure lack of freedoms create violence in this regard. Unless you're saying that kids backlash on teachers who require more from them than their parents did.

I'm not really up on all the school violence. Perhaps it's not about that at all. But it seems like violence has always been related to people who are being self-serving. They didn't have what you have, so no one will have it. They didn't like what you did, so now they beat you up, etc, etc.

And the fact that it seems to have gotten worse is either a myth and it's just because our media is better at publicizing it. Or it's because our sense of entitlement on a selfish level has superceded our value on communities and treating others with respect.

In reality, violent crime has decreased over time. But the age seems to have decreased as well.
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