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Re: Do you think our society's overprotectiveness could do more harm than good?


I am currently living in a town only 15 miles away from where I grew up. Strictly speaking the town I live in NOW is safer (less crime, less drug use) than the town I grew up in.

When I was growing up at 6, 7...I was walking around in the woods...just me and my brother who is 3 years younger and a few neighbor kids. We were tromping around in cricks, riding bikes all over our trailer court...we'd be gone from after breakfast till we got hungry again and then gone again until the street lamps came on. This was only 20-ish years ago, not quite a lifetime ago. When I was 12, 13 my friends and I rode our bikes all over town. We'd be gone all day. My friend's parents worked so they had no clue where we were, we didn't have cell phones or walkie talkies...we just showed up when we showed up.

We played outside without my mom standing their guarding us.

My kids play outside (in our unfenced back yard) alone (not the baby but the older 2) I feel 100% okay with this, it's never been an issue. I don't believe in mollycoddling my kids for their entire lives. They'll grow up fearful and stupid, won't know how to function without Mommy or Daddy telling them what to do and where to go.

It will for sure harm society, this generation of "Don't leave the yard. Don't leave Mommy's sight. Don't move an inch."

I'm raising 80s in the dirt, run around in the back yard alone, drink out of the hose.

I don't fear school shootings. I don't even really fear abductions (there have been a few attempts around an hour away, but I don't really believe they're 'real')
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