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Re: Do you think our society's overprotectiveness could do more harm than good?

I see it already. (as a society)

Have you seen that Pinterest picture that says "I'm not saying we should go out and kill all the stupid people, I'm saying we should remove the warning labels and let the problem sort it'self out".

I love that.

Yes, I think we have created a lot of young adults with no common sense, and self preservation. Sure, they can download an app with no problem, but they can't safely cross the street.

Last year, I was in Downtown Glendale. In a very low income area. There were Mothers with tons of little bitty kids (6 and under) who were walking home from or to the store... the kids were all running ahead or behind their moms along an extremely busy street...six and eight lanes of traffic, all moving at 45mph. These kids would run...but, instinctively stop at the entrance of a parking lot, look around, then run ahead til they got to the next entrance.

I swear my own 19 yr old can't do that. She certainly couldn't at six. But, these kids need to learn how to take care of themselves, or get hurt, or worse. Mom has a lot of kids, and they learn from each other, they learn common sense because it's expected and practiced. None of them are on a child leash. Why? Maybe the kids who need a child leash get left at home with Grandma... I don't know. But, there are dozens of preschool age kids navigating the city streets without difficulty because they aren't overprotected.

I'm not saying we should all let our kids run the city streets and hope they prove to me that they are smart enough to hold their own.
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