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Originally Posted by happysmileylady
Yes, I absolutely think that so many parents today are so over protective and I do think that's going to hurt us as a society, if it hasn't already.

The thing is, people learn by doing. Kids learn to be independent by being independent. A child cannot learn to cross the street by themselves until they start crossing the street by themselves. They cannot learn how to handle themselves at a party without mom until they are at a party without mom. They cannot learn how to pay their own bills until they pay their own bills. When we put off teaching kids how to do these things because they are "just kids" then we end up with adults who are still kids, because we haven't raised them to be adults.
I agree with this.

And yes, I think in the end too much over protectiveness can harm society. There was a news article recently about guy in a fraternity house when a fire started. Instead of calling 911 he called his mom to ask her what to do. Hello there's a fire! This was a great concrete example to me of how too much overbearing and over protectiveness can cause harm. When we do everything for our children or make all their decisions or protect them from every danger in the world, they will never learn critical life skills they will need when we are no longer around.
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