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I come from a family where my mom wa SUPER protective. Her idea is that when you're kid is an adolescent, watch them like they're a preschooler. (her words exactly!) yeah all that did was make problems for me growing up. I wasn't allowed to do ANYTHING! As a result I rebelled. Badly. I wot go into the details but suffice to say, I found that type of parenting to be a detriment to not only me and my sanity, but to the relationship I have with my mom.
With my kids-apparently I've been pretty...laid back. When they were babies, I'd hand them over to people to hold, even of they were unsure (my step brother was terrified! I just told him babies were tough and walked away.) generally, if it's not dangerous-an I realize the definition of dangerous is different for different people-we just let them be. They'll learn. We put hot food on their plates and tell them it's hot. Usually they listen to us now. Theyll climb on chairs and well tell them to get down. Usually they'll listen, but sometimes not. If they don't we just say ht they're going to fall and that it's gonna hurt. Granted they're only 3 and 1, but I don't see our general outlook changing.
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