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Re: Do you think our society's overprotectiveness could do more harm than good?

Where I live (smallish town) we have had a rash of teen suicides lately.

We have 6 local High Schools. 2 are Catholic, 4 are public. There have been 6-8 teens 13-19 who have killed themselves here in the past 2 years. Every single one of them has gone to/or just graduated from the same high school. DH and I were discussing this recently, and while we agree that there MUST be some underlying mental health issue impacting here, it does seem that there MUST be a reason that all the kids have gone to the same school. Some kind of lack of coping ability with the kids there.

I went to that school myself, and can say from experience that its the school with the highest SES, the highest achieving kids, the most "involved" parents, the biggest issues with "cliques" and bullying etc. Basically, its a school of high achieving, high expectations kids, for the most part, the parents have micro managed their lives and stepped in to shelter them and "fix" their problems at every corner.

I personally wonder if the sheltering, and the fixing of the problems of kids in society today leads to kids who are then unable to be resilient when something happens that the parent CAN'T a boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with them?

So, in answer to the question, yes, I DO think that sheltering is going to or already is negatively effecting our society.
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