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Re: Do you think our society's overprotectiveness could do more harm than good?

Maybe I'm a bad or a mean mom...but at 7...I've stopped searching for/keeping track of/helping out with basic stuff with my son.

If he forgets his water bottle on the table before baseball...well he'll be awful thirsty once we get home. If it's really super hot and I'm genuinely worried about him getting seriously ill or dehydrated then I will let him take a drink of mine, but if he forgets he forgets. Same goes for his cleats...he's worn regular tennis shoes twice, he's had to wear ankle socks once or twice (that's fun when you need to slide!) and gone without his ball cap once. He learns, he'll figure it out. Enough times of being uncomfortable or in pain he'll figure it out.

I read an article about college students whose mothers call their cell phones each morning to ensure they're out of bed!

And judging by the number of times I've left black marks on the road because I had to slam on my brakes to avoid running over a 20 year old college kid in my town I know they're not smart enough to look both ways (I'm not a reckless driver, I abide by the speed limit and even drive below on residential streets but when a 19 year old just flat steps right out in the street 5 feet off my bumper there is very little I can do aside from slam on my brakes...). I don't know if they're not taught or if they're just lazy...

I just saw something like this today, I watched a rerun of 19 Kids and Counting and they had commentary from some Today show host who was a Duggar for a Day and he said something about "Most parents watch their kids like a hawk when they're outside" and I'm thinking "Say whaaa" If I had a hundred acres fenced in with a gate I'd throw my kids out of the house after breakfast and tell them I'll blow an air horn around 12 for lunch, don't come within 100 yards of the house unless someone is bloody.
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