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CLP 1st and 2nd Grade- Many Subjects! MUST GO!

I have some curriculum that we decided not to use. I have the following available (pictures available upon request):

Christian Light Publications Learning to Read Sunrise Edition (this is the 1st part of 1st grade reading):
- Instructor Guides (both of them)- $10 PPD (a couple pages may be bent but no writing or other damage)
- Primer Books (1-4) (again, may have a few bends in pages; one book I tore out where they didn't put a page in correctly and it didn't belong in the book and there is one book where they didn't put the first part of a story in there)-$10 PPD

* I will include Lightunit 110 (brand new) if you purchase either the guide or the primers; I have 2 available for $1 extra.

Christian Light Publications Reading 1 Sunrise Edition (this is the 2nd part of 1st grade reading) Never Used:
- Instructor Guide ($9 PPD)
- 2 Sets of Lightunits 101-105 ($13 PPD each set)
- Reader ($8 PPD) (I Wonder)

Christian Light Publications Language Arts 1 2nd Edition:
- Instructor Guide ($10 PPD)
- 2 Sets of Lightunits 105-110 ($18 PPD for each set)
* We used Lightunits 101-104 and thus those aren't included; Guide is in very good condition- no writing. Cover a little bent but not damaged just from being taken on and off shelf. Lightunits 105-110 have never been touched.

Christian Light Publications Math 1 Sunrise Edition:
- Instructor Guides (may have a few bent pages but otherwise perfect) $10 PPD for both
- Lightunits 106-110 (2 available brand new) $14 PPD for each set

Christian Light Publications Math 2 Sunrise Edition Never Used:
- Instructor's Guides (both of them) $13 PPD
- LightUnits 201-210 (2 available) $32 PPD for each set

Please, make me a reasonable offer if you don't like my prices. Keep in mind that my prices INCLUDE shipping and that Paypal does take out fees.


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