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Anyone with experience in chinese, mandarin immersion schools?

DD got accepted to a mandarin immersion school next year and we are very excited (was lottery), but also terrified since we don't speak mandarin. But we chose the program since she is advanced (reads chapter books already), so we wanted a program that is academically challenging for her. She is pretty outgoing extroverted so I don't think she'd get frustrated with not understanding and meeting new kids. Plus, since it's a public school, it's free! They'll be teaching 90% mandarin, 10% English. Teacher is a native speaker and will not speak English. The English is from the librarian or art teacher.

Has anyone had a child who has gone through a mandarin immersion program? What are some good resources to help families? I'm sure I'll learn more as I meet more parents of kids already in the program (this is their 3rd year), but wanted to check here first.
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