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Re: Weight gain

Originally Posted by Believer318 View Post
This depressed me. I'm 25.5 weeks and I've gained 30lbs!!! I was a very healthy weight to start, but geeze! People are always commenting on how "big" I am. This is my fifth pregnancy, but I've been kind of depressed about it--driving me to ice cream I guess. LOL. Not really--I eat just like I do when I'm not pregnant and the weight is coming on with a vengeance!

LOL..I thought I was the only one actually gaining weight on this board..I'm up 30lbs as well..but 50lbs is the norm for me ( 7th baby) long as I know I'm not filling up on crap then I am OK with it..its just what my body does! I would love to be the one that only gains like 20lbs and weighs my pre-pregnancy weight right after birth..but alas..I am not..LOL
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