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Re: Homebirth mama's check in?

How many births have you had? Zero! This is my first!
How many (if any) were at home? Or, is this your first planned homebirth? First planned family is definately a little apprehensive, but I educate them every time I talk with them about how safe it can be with an amazingly experienced (25+ yrs.) midwife and no unneccessary interventions...but it's difficult to educate a sister who is an OB nurse and knows nothing more than the text book information and another sister who is a Physician Assistant, but is more open-minded.
Planning a water birth? Hypnobirth? other comfort methods? I'll probably labor in the bathtub, but who knows where the birth will actually happen! I found it funny that when I told my husband that I may give birth on the bed and not in the tub, he was quite appalled...he just assumed it would all happen in the bathtub!
Midwife? CNM? CPM? UC? 2 CPM, 1 MW in training/doula
Doula? other support? see above + hubby
Vaccine/testing? probably delayed vaccine, but need to research this furthur, not sure what testing is done.
What homebirth kit/supplies will you use? Need any advice, no idea! MW has a list and a friend has had a homebirth so I'm hoping she will give me some suggestions!
will you use first? Will you EC? I'm going to cloth diaper and so far have softbums and a few twinkletoes...not sure depending on the fit with the cord stump. Will probably use trifolded prefolds with either of these covers, then switch to the provided inserts once the yucky meconium poo is done.

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