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Originally Posted by melyndie
I think what people mean is that you will know you are in active labor (unless you are one of those rare people who know nothing until the baby falls out) because active labor will require your attention. You won't be able to ignore it.

I agree that early labor can be hard to identify, but I would question whether it needs to be identified. Aside from satisfying curiosity, it isn't that beneficial to know. You should continue life as much as you can as long as you can. Of course, if you feel rotten, you can stay in bed. That would be good too. But there just isn't really anything in particular that you need to DO during early labor.
This. I wasn't positive until active labor started. Not a big deal. I think every woman is just dying to scream 'I'm in labor!!!' but for the majority it happens gradually. Sometime sputtering out. Gl
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