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With my first two, I knew about my early labor. I was feeling regular pressure for several hours. Once active labor hit, first was born four hours later, second an hour and a half of active labor.

Third one, my water broke, no labor for over 14 hrs, so I chose to induce.

Fourth baby, didn't know I was in labor. I felt weird, kinda unsettled, almost like when a dog paces while in labor. Ctx were all over the place, short, painless, anywhere from 5-15 min. apart. But I remembered my mom talking about feeling similar with all of her labors, so I headed in. Good thing, because DD was born ten minutes after I walked in the door. No pains, no pushing, ctx were never regular. She just literally came out on her own, in the triage room before I had even been entered in the computer, had my name on their board or had a chance to get the monitors on my belly.
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