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Re: How many BM's a day?

Originally Posted by MDever View Post
If the number of times had stayed consistent I would think that it is no problem at all. As crazy as it sounds because of the frequency he might actually be constipated. Just a thought.
my first multi-quote - yay!

anyways.. yeah, I had read something similar. Depends on if it's runny as well, because apparantly runny poop just leaks around the constipated blockage stuff. Lovely.

Originally Posted by MarchMama2010 View Post
DS is 2 and poops once or twice a day.

He self-weaned at 15 months and we started giving him a lot more milk. He went from 1-2 poops a day to 6-8. It was awful. We cut out milk and he went back to normal.
this is interesting. I have cut down on DD's milk and noticed her poops being less consistent. I hadn't put the 2 things together, but perhaps they are related.

I know that my daughter's 3 a day were normal because they were very consistent on timing. 1) first thing in the morning, 2) after breakfast 3) after postnap milk

Now we seem to be down to just #1 and #3. Although yesterday she waited all day long to have her first one. It's hard when you're used to a schedule, I felt like I was sniffing her butt all day waiting and waiting and waiting
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