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Re: Working Retail: any daycare advice?

Retail people have the suckiest schedules as far as daycares are concerned. Daycares run on ratios and reliable income....of which your family can provide neither. You dont have a consistent schedule so they dont know when to count your child in the ratios for licensing/legal reasons and you surely can't pay for huge sections of times when your child is not even there (meaning paying for the full spot and only using part time.....most parents dont want to do that). Plus you dont want to compromise on quality so I understand your predicament.

Your best bet is to check into TWO daycare options. One during the daytime that would work with your schedule and only charge when you are there, or charge a reasonable weekly fee and then you use as much as you need. Then find a second option for the times that you have to work past the daycare closing time. You will have to have a reliable babysitter that can work around your schedule and transport your child (or you go get the baby during a break or whatever....or have a relative to get the baby...)

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