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Re: S/O When did you start reading "real" books to your kids?

Originally Posted by danner View Post
I consider picture books to be real. If it has a plot, some tension, something happening, that is enough for me. I started reading those books to my daughter at 15 months (Beatrix Potter books, for example). Bear in mind though, that my daughter is probably off the charts advanced in matters of vocabulary and other reading-related activities. My son is 10 months and I'm still waiting for him to say Mama and mean it, whereas my daughter's first words (multiple) came at about 9 months.

I would urge anyone wanting to move their kid along prematurely to chapter books and away from picture books that you don't need to do that in order to get your kid to the next level. There are plenty of picture books out there with a plot and "big" words. I read an article somewhere that picture books are actually very good for preschoolers. Wish I could remember the source.

Anyway, I wish I could see into my crystal ball for my son. He doesn't have any patience for books yet. We have hundreds of board books due to our daughter's keen interest and he just takes them from me and either eats them or throws them. My daughter always sat there and turned the pages. Kids are all so different.

Great post.

I agree 100%.

I am a teacher and I read picture books to my 3rd grades. There are many many picture books with excellent plots, gorgeous pictures and which lend themselves to higher level thinking questions and great spin off discussion of life event, character traits etc.

Check out picture books by authors such as Eve Bunting, Cynthia Rylant, and Patricia Polacco. These books are "real" rich literature. Captain Underpants, is NOT.

For me reading is about engaging with the text, creating mental images, asking questions, making connections, drawing inferences, and having great discussion as a result. I personally feel that some great accompanying pictures can enhance the story....its not all about words when reading, there is so much more.

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