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I don't know how I JUST found this but here goes.

Name?: Kelly

Age?: 25

Children?: 2 boys-Ryan and Erik

Occupation?: stay at home mom

Favorite color?: black, red, grey

Favorite food?: ooo I'm a chef so I'm a foodie. If I HAD to pick- Mac n cheese that my husban makes from scratch. I taught him.

Hobbies?: Crafty stuff, cooking, reading, writing

Number of months TTC?: Psh. I was on birth control all 3 times. So no trying for me

How many babies do you want?: this (#3) is our last

Type of birth planned?: hospital. Give me pain meds.

Blog/website?: facebook (Kelly Keshock) although I don't know if I'm searchable. Also

Anything else you want to share?: uh---not that I can think of
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