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slight rant... Mothers!

I should start by saying I am adopted, as a teen, so i don't have as many years dealing my mother as most people have. Every once in a while we hit a snag where i just don't get her and I'm sure its a cultural thing (she's originally from holland).

That said, I fell down the stairs just now. 19 weeks along, and it was only 4-5 stairs, but my feet went straight out and i landed at the bottom on my back. It was startling and painful and I was scared for both myself and the baby... and mom, who happened to be standing at the landing at the bottom rushed in with her arms open and attempted to wrap them around me. I gave her a stiff arm to the shoulder and said "get off." not the nicest thing to say, i'll admit, yet I had just fallen and was upset-- not at my best. she backed off, and waited with her arms in front of her, and I closed my eyes and tried to asses the damage (if any) to my body. I said "you're not supposed to move anyone after an injury, mom." After a few minutes I seemed to be okay and so started to try calming myself down. Roomy and DH called to ask if I was ok and someone hauled my DS2 off from climbing on me while i recovered. Mom went to her room and slammed the door.

Once i was sure i could move without adding to the injury, I got up to apologize for being gruff, and was rebuffed and sent away with an "I don't want to talk right now."

So now I am sitting in a straight-backed chair trying to rest and let my muscles recover, and fuming about her being mad at me... I just fell down the stairs for goodness sake, and she's crying in her room unwilling to even talk to me about why she's angry. I totally don't get it. Even apologizing (wile my back aches from the fall) didn't help at all. Any advice?

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