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Need opionions on a letter to my employer.

Little explanation first:
I work for an elderly man, but my paycheck comes through Easter Seals. He qualifies for help with paying for a part time care giver to his wife, who suffers from dementia, while he's at work. He is a friend from church. He was working weekend evenings, Firday- Sunday. Each of these nights I drive to his house (about a 15minute drive in easy traffic), stay for about an hour.. go home, then come back a second time. I am currently working 6 hours a weekend, getting $20 an hour before taxes. Each term is 6 months. This term is up at the end of August. Joey (my employer) has been assured that they will extend his coverage for another six months.. so September to January. However.... my hours will be cut to 4 hours a weekend.

On top of that, my due date is September 23rd, and I'm VERY aware that with this being my 4th baby, and numbers 2 and 3 coming ON their due date, this baby may come a little sooner than the due date. I originally told Joey that I wanted to take September and October off... but now I'm thinking just taking the second half of September and the month of October off. He said that'd be fine... but here's the issue... anytime I've needed some time off.. I've had to call around to friends and find someone who could cover for me, and then I just give them a check for the hours they worked after I get paid. He never seems to be able to find someone to cover even if I give weeks notice.

I REFUSE to work up until my due date.. and heck no I'm not going to work if I deliver on a weekend. LOL

So.. I want to write him a note ad as a gentle reminder that I'm going to need at least a month and a half off, and to encourage him to start looking for my substitute now. Oh, and when I needed time off, I even called the company that signs my paychecks, and they don't supply substitutes. ... if he needed someone to work the job, they would provide someone..but they don't provide subs for the care givers already working.

Sorry that was a little longer than I meant... here is the letter I'm thinking of typing out and signing and giving to him... any input or advice would be great.

Oh.. I also need to point out that he just lost his job this weekend. He wants me to continue working for him until he finds another part time job, so there is definitely a possibility that the TIMES I need to go over there will change. Unless he gets a daytime job, in which case I would have to quit, because I can't take my kids with me (it's too much for Betty to handle), and I won't have daytime care for them.

Dear Joey,
I love working with Betty and I am thrilled that you are so pleased with the work that I do with her. Of course I have no problem staying on for the next term.. however, due to my baby being due at the end of September, we need to work a few details out.

I know you like for me to come over twice in an evening to check on her while you are working. However, with my hours going from 6 hours a weekend to 4 hours per weekend, it's really not feasible for me to go over twice a night. It takes about 20 minutes to get over there, and I'd only be able to stay about 30 minutes at a time. Not to mention, that the pay cut cuts into the gas money that I have to spend to get to your house 6 times a weekend. So, really, with the hourly cut I'd only be able to be over there once an evening. I understand if this means that you would like to find someone else to cover the hours. But I hope we can work something out.

With the baby being due September 23rd, I would like to take the weekends between September 10th and October 28th off for Maternity leave. Of course, there is always the possibility that Bella will decide to come a little early. We need to figure out what the back-up plan for Betty's care is going to be during the times when I cannot work. Cassie won't be available for me to call on for help, as she has in the past, due to the fact that she is pregnant and will have her own newborn to care for. So we need to figure out a temporary solution to the maternity leave that I want to take. I know it's only June, but September will be here before we know it, and I don't want to be stressing about this a month before my due date (two weeks before I want to start my maternity leave).

Thank you for the wonderful blessing of allowing me to be part of Betty's life, she is so sweet and I truly do love her. I appreciate the extra income that this has brought to my family, it's been so helpful.

Please let me know when you want to sit down and discuss these issues and get our plans for our next term in place.

Thanks again.

God bless,

What do you think? Anything you would add, subtract or re-word?

God bless!
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