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Re: AUGUST 2011 - Its June!!

Originally Posted by heyuitsme View Post
elijah was head-butter (*snicker snicker, 'head-butter'). it was his sign that he liked you. we called it his "head-butt of approval." he usually didn't do it real hard, but there was a definite thunk.
You did not even have to put snicker bc I was like HAHAHA BUTTER!!!!

Anywho--It is like the calm before the storm here. Dh on his own purged a ton of his things. He is donating things and recycled and threw out things.

I gave 2 full garbage bags of Peyton's clothes to my neighbor who is a social worker and knows expecting moms who can use them.

Going to go through the boys and my closet tomorrow. I have the kids closets so well organized. Mine on the other hand well its a disaster. The plus is I always get my own closet bc dh refuses to share a closet with me. Everything else is organized and my closet is just composed of me throwing things in and shutting the door. If it doesn't have a place it goes in my closet.

We then did some bike riding with Tanner and Peyton and dh and I walked and Blu dribbled his basketball. At one point Blu fell and scraped his knee pretty bad. And then I realized he has had minor bruises and scrapes on his leg but never really bled until tonight. I think it is bc I am one of those paronoid moms who wants him in a bubble. To my defense he is exactly like me and at that age I was in the ER every other week getting stitches bc I always had the best ideas

Well I look at his face and I see a light bulb go off and I am like don't xyz and he laughs bc he can not figure out how I know what he was thinking.

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