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Re: For the love of reading group! ~JUNE~ *Join us!*

This is a Great thread, I would love to join!

I have been trying to read more nonfiction, but this is not easy for me to do, I naturally gravitate to the fiction section. So, I've implemented a reading improvement plan for myself, which involves moving beyond my very judgmental cover assessment in the fiction section and visiting the library more often.

This is a 3 part plan, and I have to in good faith try to read the book even if I have to do so by reading it backwards and upside down:

1.) Attend the library book club, they alternate between fiction and nonfiction.

2.) Read 2 nonfiction books: 1 "how to" and 1 from the rest of the nonfiction section, historical, bibliographical etc.

3.) Plus, randomly pick 2 books from the library by closing eyes and running finger over the bookends in the new section, or sending DH to do so or having oldest DS do it.

My current book fails I think to be nonfiction or falls somewhere between two LOL! This month I have been reading about hikes and historic sites for our summer road trip, when I came across Ghosthunting Ohio. Very entertaining if a bit sensationalized with pictures of orbs and "feelings of dread". The author gets some great pictures of historic sites, and also does a run down on accommodations and dining while ghost hunting. Who knew the Cincinnati Art Museum was haunted? At least I know where not to stay with 4 ghost sensitive kiddo's... The last thing I want to deal with after a long day of travel is them overhearing somebody talking about ghosts before bedtime O.o.. that sounds far more scary than haunts!!

My "how to" is rug making. Yes, it has gotten me to wondering if I have enough fabric in my stash to make a braided rug or crocheted rug for my living room, or if I could hit up enough bag sales to get enough fabric to make one. I figure that even if I peter out after 2 feet I still have a bedside rug .

That is as far as I've gotten for June's improvement.

As for fiction, my FIL gave me some ebooks from Bujold that I've yet to read, and I'm currently reading Memory by Linda Nagata.

Everyone I know is talking about 50 Shades of Grey and Hunger Games so I'm looking forward to reading those.
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