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I caution you on taking the test and putting him the birth certificate. He can make it difficult for you to leave the country with her, even if there is no geographical restriction on the custody paper work. I realize it varies state to state but when it comes to exiting the country with a child it's generally all the same.

I'm sure you can do the test from your home country. I would go through birth and delivery, then leave home immediately. When you arrive in Australia then call him to discuss the testing. Once you're there he can't do anything about it.

You really need to decide if you'd be okay being "stuck" in the U.S. with no support system because that's what could happen in the event that you DO the testing prior to leaving.

Personally, I'd lay low and leave as soon as I could comfortably walk! My family would probably fly in and drag my butt back if I didn't. His behavior is completely unacceptable and wrong. He could have handled it much better and threatening you with assault charges? That's pathetic!

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