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Re: Anyone have kids 15-18 months apart? Pics? Advice?

My middled are 13.5 months apart. The older is a boy and he is soooo protective of his sister. His sister is a little stinker and know it. But yes they were hard in the begining, dh and i tended to divide and conquer a lot. But now they are super best friends. I tell everyone if they know they want several to space them close because it really is an amazing bond to warch.

My sister and i are 17 months apart, but with birthdates 2 yrs apart in school, this worked well for us too.

My dad is one of 4 boys, all the boys were born no more than 14 months apart from the grandma says it was a wild ride but she loved it too...she also saysvto have kids in "pairs" of the brothers died when he was 12 (horseriding accident) and she said that gap made it harder and made some 2 on 1 disputes.
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