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Here is a picture of my boys 17 months apart. I apologize if anyone is uncomfortable with DS2 nursing, but this really represents how my day goes lol.

DS1 was super independent before the baby was born. I used to sit down with him to play or read and he would walk away. Every time. Now he is much more demanding of my time, since he has competition.

He pushes his brother over, lays on him, steals his toys, cups, food, etc. on the opposite side, he also is constantly trying to hug him, share toys with him, and trade food and drink. I had to relax on my food allowances for the baby real fast when his brother started dumping cake on the high chair tray!

It was nice, because the baby came when DS1 was old young enough that he doesn't remember it being just him. My SIL says that her daughter (a year older than DS1) has been struggling with hating her mother for bringing a new baby into the house (3 months ago). And I think no matter what the age difference, a little boy would probably try to wrestle his little brother, so at least he's only 35 lbs instead of 45. But he's younger, so it its harder to get him to mind. The older he gets, the better he gets.

Oh, and they share clothes sometimes. Most woolies fit both boys, and they are only 1-2 sizes away from one another.

Having both can be very demanding on your time. Trying to sweep the kitchen while your 2yo had a meltdown that you put all the chairs on the table and your crawling infant tries to play in your dirt pile......let's just say my house could be cleaner lol.

At this point, I'm glad I had them this close together. I couldn't imagine anything else.
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