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Re: AUGUST 2011 - Its June!!

So dh and my 5 yr anniversary is coming up on the 13th. Ok so don't judge us but dh and I have yet to remember an anniversary. Like the worst offense was it was like July 2nd and I was at my parents and I turn to my father and asked him the date. He told me and I was like "oh poop"( I used a different word). And my dad was like why whats up. And I said "Dave and I forgot our anniversary again. He said "well when was it?" and I told him like 2-3 weeks ago. Then I told dh and he had the same reaction. He started apologizing and I laughed bc I had no idea either!

So bc it is our 5th we decided to make a conscience effort to just keep reminding each other throughout the yr. Well now we are just laughing bc it looks like we will probably be making a big move on or around our anniversary! So it will easily slip my mind, AGAIN!

It is all good though I really do not care about the date. And I do not want anything except a vitamix--which I would not want to get until we are completely settled. We do want to renew our vows eventually. So we will come up with something. And I really do not want to do a getaway bc I would be paranoid the whole time without my babes.

The cool thing is though we really have a great marriage and I know I have my soul mate so we just make sure we make each other feel special everyday and eventually we will try to remember an anniversary LOL!!!! And when we do I know it will be great!
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