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Annoying comments?

What are annoying comments for you while preggo.
For me
1. Oh twins run in our family so you could have them... OKAY, if that was my side saying this, but it is DHs and the mans side CANNOT pass on twins. It is all related to the female and how her egg splits. If it worked where the man determined how many babies were in womb then we would be preggo with millions of babes at once! LEARN YOUR SCIENCE PEOPLE!! I hear this every pregnancy

2. Are you SURE there aren't 2 in there.....NOPE just huggable fluffyness

3. You know what causes that? NO- can you tell me?

4. Aren't you done yet? Nope I am gonna have them till you scream

5. How can you have more, I can't stand my 1- Umm cause I am in charge, not them...

6.Kids are too expensive to have more than 1- Kids are as expensive as you make them

7. How are you going to pay for their college- same way mine was paid, worked hard, got scholarships and paid it myself w/ no help

8. You can't possibly have enought time to spend with each one- Actually I spend more time with mine than many do w/ their 1 or 2. We aren't running all day in the car traveling from event to event and we homeschool, I get lots of 1 on 1 time and love it

9. Glad it's you and not me- ME TOO!

10. What you aren't having twins, must be triplets-
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