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Re: Annoying comments?

I like all the ones you posted one i have heard is
How far along are you, you look ready to pop!(you still have another 2 months to go or more)
oh why did you decide to announce you where pregnant and your only 12 weeks along?( sorry we were excited to share our good news)
Oh i hope the 2nd one is a boy so you can stop having kids after this one!(wow did not realize thats why we decided to have another one so we could have one of each and be done!)
When I was pregnant....
Another thing i hate is anyone but dh and my dd coming over and rubbing my belly with out permission,( not currently pregnant but when i was with ds) Sorry I did not realize that because my belly stuck out so far it was free game for anyone.
i have more and the sad part is most of these have come from family!
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