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Re: Home birth mamas

I gave them each a Christmas card an a bag of homemade candy for Christmas, but I did not get them thank you gifts for after the birth... But I was not exactly happy with mine fully either. They ate a good portion of the food we had just bought (they did not explain previously that we would need to provide food, they only asked me to make sure I had protein and carb rich foods for myself for during labour. We had just grocery shopped before I went into labour and we were screwed on our grocery budget because of that ) And left a mess. They also said they would do a second PP visit a few weeks later and never scheduled it or mentioned it again. And their billing through my insurance has been a MESS with most of it being denied because of them submitting the wrong codes (they resubmitted and STILL got it wrong ).

Anyway... All that to say it depends on your midwives and relationship with them. Most of the mamas on here had awesome midwives from what I have read, and in their situations I would have baked or made them something to show my appreciation
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