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Re: Need opionions on a letter to my employer.

Originally Posted by champatlife View Post
This I'm sure will come out completely the wrong way I'm sure, but when i read this I kind of thought, "she doesn't really want this job, she's just doing me a favor." If I had a nanny (since the essence of your job wouldn't pertain to my every day life) and I got an email saying she couldn't work the hours I needed or wanted I would probably just find a replacement even if I LOVED her because he wants or thinks he needs someone to come by two times a night, not just once which makes it sound like he might not be receptive of the changes, and i agree with taking the "most the time out".

ETA: I don't think anything is wrong with saying the hours you need/ want. It's a great thing to be upfront about. Just an opinion.
1. The hours might change anyway, because he lost his job and is looking for a new one.

2. When I got pregnant and re-signed for the next term, he knew that I was pregnant. I was very upfront about needing a maternity leave and he was totally fine with that. He just tends to procrastinate things so I need a reminder that we need to work out alternative arrangments.

3. If he chooses to hire somone else because I can't afford the gas to go over there 6x a weekend with the pay cut I'll be taking, I'll understand... I just need to make sure that we have some sort of plan in place by the end of August. And if that new plan is him decided to hire someone else.. I understand and I'm ok with that. I just need the notice, and he'll need time to find a replacement.

4. He says he wants to keep me and we'll "work it out" when my baby is born.. as I said before.. my due date is just over 3 months away.. and I need to have things settled early, or he'll forget and then he either won't have any help for Betty or I'll be having to go over there the weekend after I give birth.

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