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Re: I Wrote a letter to the hospital administration

Originally Posted by B's Mommy View Post
The hospital administration basically just repeated their policy to me, but I spoke with a lady in person and I told her "if I can't get to the other hospital then I'm coming here to VBAC" and she said that was fine. My doctor is 100% on board with me coming in during labour and having a normal birth. He told me at my last appointment that "They can't force you into anything if you come in while in labour." and winked. He said we'll follow all the rules and meet with a doctor from the larger hospital, etc., but in the end, I'll just be making sure I have a well established labour when I go in to the hospital I want. I made it pretty clear to the administration lady that was my intent as well, and I can't say she was 100% against that either. I know she couldn't even hint that it would be okay for me to go against hospital policy, but from the way she acted and talked, I couldn't help but to think that she might just be slightly on my side, even though she can't be. I can pretty much guarentee that she knows I'll be showing up in labour in 6 months. Lol So the letter didn't work, but I'm doing it my way anyway. I'm the "customer" and I'll be damned if I don't get what I want.
Rock on woman! They really can't force you, just make sure you have good labor support!
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