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Re: Annoying comments?

LOL.... yeah I know how you feel. Our family used to be real negative about us having kids. This is #5 for us btw. DH's family are horrible about that still but my family has totally changed in that area. its awesome! My parents are our #1 supporters now but just a few years ago they were just like your in laws sound.

Originally Posted by angel nee nee View Post
I wanted to wait to tell my grand mother in law about her newest baby until I could tell her in person, which was about.... 8 or 9 weeks pregnant.
She came to visit for I think mother's day or some kind of occasion.

Before I could tell her about the news, as soon as she saw me, she poited at my belly and said "What's with your belly?"
Before i told her, I first look at my husband to make sure I am not missing anything and said 'you didn't tell her yet?" he said no.
My grand mother in law then made a disgusted face said to me "You are not pregnant again, are you?"
I said "Yes, I am, and I wanted to tell you the news in person."
She then shook her head and said "You've got to be kidding me."
and went on saying what are you going to with more baby (this is our forth)?
How are you going to afford to buy cars for four children when they are teenagers?etc etc.

she still shakes her head and tells me to stop having any more babies and to have my husband have a surgery so we won't have any more babies.

First thing my mother in law told my husband about our third baby too, when we announced the news, was for him to get a surgery to prevent having more children in future.

when we told my mother in law about our first baby, she told us to consider adopting instead of keep trying to have both boy and girl.

despite the ignorant comments, I still enjoy seeing my grand mother in law. It's rather humorous, don't you think? i mean, if i were not pregnant when she asked "what's with your belly?" Do I tell her "I'm just getting fat, Nana, i've been constipated." lol
she'll prob. recommend some kind of over the counter meds for constipation. lol
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