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Re: Annoying comments?

We are on bio-baby #2 and child #4. S/O (been together 8 years both times we were ready to get hitched, I found out I was preggo...don't want our child to ever doubt why we were now it's postponed another year...LOL) & I always wanted to have two babies...we just didn't know that we would have 2 babies and 2 teenagers...LOL.

Not trying to 'one-up' anyone, but here is a pretty bad preggo story...two actually.

1. MIL tried to split up S/O and I at the baby shower that she threw for us..(co-ed at a park, more like a picnic or family reunion type gathering, it was nice...the party...not the lies and malicious behavior). FIL tried to split us up last XMAS, we told them we were expecting 4 months later...LOL

2. One of my L&D nurses said to S/O, 'I guess your are in it for the long haul now, buddy...' After I mentally punched her in the face several times, I waited for her to exit the room, called the charge nurse, told her what happened and also said that she was no to be within eyesight of me or my family, she was to have NO interaction with anyone visiting me and not to enter my room again, I don't care if she is the only person who can assist me, I'd rather go without care.

SAHM to 4 AMAZING kids, DD 18 DD 17, and DS 4 DS2 with LAST BABY , due July 20th
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